The Market Photo Workshop first started as a school with the initial aim of providing visual literacy skills and practical training in photography to aspiring photographers who were excluded from tertiary photography training through the strictures and structures of apartheid. The school’s initial focus was on social documentary photography, a genre which would provide photographers entry into the media landscape, allowing them to create a viable career for themselves. This was the core of the curriculum, as photography as a social and political practice was an important strategy in documenting the socio-political landscape of apartheid South Africa.

The Photo Workshop has since expanded its mission, activities and services to engage with the new challenges faced by young photographers today. The curriculum now offers training in a range of photographic and professional practices, including workshops and courses with professional photographers, exchange programmes, internships and participation in exhibitions. The objective is to equip aspiring photographers with the necessary photographic skills to allow them to secure employment and generate income, while at the same time building and improving contemporary photography practice. The Photo Workshop has successfully adapted to the challenges of a new democratic dispensation, and the influences democracy has had on visual arts in South Africa.

The Market Photo Workshop now offers formalised short and long courses in photography, educating learners in all technical and practical aspects the medium.

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