Market Photo Workshop Facilities

2017 marked a very critical milestone of photography training and public programming for the Market Photo Workshop. The Photo Workshop relocated to the new premises at Market Square in Newtown Johannesburg.

This new facility consists of ample photography training space, with two exhibition venues, a library for photography scholarly research, outfit for photography archive, and plenty of room for talks, presentations, and visitors both within and outside the built structure! The facility has direct access to the Mary Fitzgerald Square which provides opportunities for interactive public photography activities and programming.

The Venues are available for Hire at accessible rates including full access for Market Photo Workshop Alumnus community and members.

For venue bookings, please email Donna McLaggan at

Photo Workshop Gallery

Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
Gallery admission is free

As an addition to the training functions of the Market Photo Workshop, a gallery space was launched in 2005 called The Photo Workshop Gallery, which forms the entrance to the offices and classrooms. The Photo Workshop Gallery functions both as a public face for the Photo Workshop, insofar as local and international photographers are hosted, as well as a secondary strategy of training where our students are exposed to professional practice.

Since its inception, The Photo Workshop Gallery has been able to build a strong and consistent audience base through hosting landmark group and solo exhibitions.

The Photo Workshop Gallery is currently served as a Resource Centre and creative studio for texts and textual intervention.