Zegugu Innocentia Ngemntu

Course Assistant for Intermediate Course

Ntombi(Zegugu) Ngemntu is a commercial photographer from the Vaal, she is born and bred in a township called Boipatong. She studied Photography and multimedia at the Vaal University of Technology (2014-2016). She finished school in record time, graduated in 2017, and received her national diploma in Photography.

She is currently the course assistant for the Intermediate course here at the Market Photo workshop, a journey which she started in 2019 in February. Eight months later she was the employee of the month.

She is a skincare enthusiast at heart and has a YouTube channel where she talks about everything that has to do with skincare ( YT: Gugu Ngemntu). She hopes to jump into advertising and marketing in the next 5 years and become an aesthetician as well.