The archives of the Market Photo Workshop constitute the work, through exhibitions, mentorships and projects, that has been produced at the Photo Workshop over many years. Through the support of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, the Photo Workshop has been able to develop a specialised position to handle the archives. Through this, a specialised archiving system is currently being developed to the specification required by the multifaceted programmes of the Photo Workshop. This system will formalise the archives and ensure easier, electronic access and better storage of digital files. The Photo Workshop hopes to ensure public access of this archive in the near future.

Part of the role of the archives of the Photo Workshop is to take cognisance of the wider archives that exist around it, particularly in the cities and the communities from which our students originate. These rich and specialised archives, of street photographers and community photographers, exist but rarely are there funds or personnel to ensure their adequate handling and safekeeping. The Photo Workshop is thus embarking on a research project that looks to aiding these photographers, and often their descendants, to better care for their important archives.