Overview of Public Programmes
and Development

Public Programmes are a series of events involving and directed at professional photographers, visual artists, educators, students and the broader public. Public Programmes all seek to inform the trends, practices, methods and contemporary ways of working and thinking in South African photography practice through exposure to a broad understanding of visual culture. The basis of all Public Programmes is to create Public Voice and Discourse.

Public Programmes and Development include focus areas such as hosting exhibitions, outreach projects, and public discussions and lectures.

  • The Photo Workshops runs a number of projects throughout the year each aimed at documenting and engaging with specific areas of focus. All projects compliment course curricula by providing practical and realistic experience to students and photographers.
  • Exhibitions are aimed at creating exposure for both the students, and the photographers who exhibit at The Photo Workshop Gallery. Efforts are focused around the increased use of our ever expanding photographic archive, student work and collections. These exhibitions are crucial communicators of society; identity, culture, and representation. The Market Photo Workshop hosts an average of eight exhibitions per year.
  • The Photo Workshop is particularly interested in the development of photography in South Africa, and the process of image making. One of the many ways to encourage the development, dissemination and appreciation of photography in South Africa, and keeping students and the wider community abreast of new developments and trends, is to invite contemporary practicing photographers to present work at the Photo Workshop. These forums are usually conceptualised as lectures, discussions, seminars, or workshops.