Uthethathethwano by Lesego Seoketsa

2020 ORMS Circle Mentorship Programme Artist

First shown at Orms FORM building, Uthethathethwano travels to the Market Photo Workshop’s Gallery 1989. In further support of Seoketsa’s evolution as a photographer, the Market Photo Workshop will enable her to interact with and participate in sessions with photographers and visual artists to expand her visual practice.

This exhibition at the Market Photo Workshop forms part of an annual curatorial thematic at the Market Photo Workshop that focuses on questions of gender and sexuality, presented in partnership with the Open Society Foundation for South Africa.

Statement by Lesego Seoketsa developed during the 2020 ORMS Circle Mentorship

 Uthethathethwano’ means ‘negotiations’ in isiXhosa. I have chosen isiXhosa because the work of this exhibition was done in Cape Town, a predominantly Xhosa speaking city, and also because it is my mother tongue. It is a reference to my maternal heritage. This exhibition began as a questioning about land ownership – when will black people get an equal share of land in South Africa? I focused on black women and the injustices of patriarchy which have led to socio-economic issues. They experience suffering the most, and my intention is to find solutions that empower them through land ownership. How do we alleviate poverty for marginalized people such as black women through land reform? As I went on to seek answers in Cape Town, I ended up feeling so naïve because my initial cause created a ripple effect where each question was answered by another bigger question.

Land reform is still a controversial issue in our country, and my mission was to understand the history of farming in South Africa in order to address the present struggles, and thus find hope for the future. The apartheid regime was meticulous in dividing people through racial segregation and spatial planning. Today, an imbalance exists, many black people are living in townships and informal settlements, and the white minority generally stay in suburbia. The core of my exhibition questions how land can be used for poverty alleviation and social equity. My main focus is on the farming sector, through the lens of black women.

Opening Date: Thurs, 8 April 2021 – 07 May 2021

Time: 18:00pm

Gallery 1989

Margaret Mcingana Street



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Under the guidance of a select group of mentors, the selected artist will be guided through this transition and benefit from the expertise of Lekgetho Makola of Market Photo Workshop, Lauren Theunissen curator for Orms Cape Town School of Photography and Yonela Makoba Orms Circle artist 2019. With this inner circle of guidance, the artist will be supported with the necessary skills training, challenged through critical engagement on their practice and empowered to present their first solo exhibition hosted by Orms. The exhibition will be hosted at FORM, our new creative space, and curated with the guidance of these industry leaders. The addition of business guidance will be provided through the presence of Tziona Kerton of Conversation Capital and Toby Orford, art law expert. Together this diverse group of industry professionals will nurture the growth and guidance of the Orms Circle Mentee while Orms provides the use of dedicated studio space, photographic and lighting equipment as well as printing and framing services for the concluding exhibition in Cape Town.


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