Submissions open for the JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship at the Market Photo Workshop

Submissions for the Market Photo Workshop’s JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship is now open to African writers until Friday, 19 February 2021.

The JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship intends to draw attention to the potential for a meaningful collaboration between photography and writing to play a significant role in setting social justice agendas. During these unprecedented times of the global health challenge of COVID-19, JUSTPHOTO calls on writers to ethically investigate and put into words the current practices of social distancing that will be part of our collective futures. Communities all over the world are being required to adhere to distancing protocols and the JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship asks writers to reflect on what does it mean to social distance? What are its personal and collective effects where we live? How is social distancing being reimagined within contexts where contact cannot be avoided such as in the arts, or in multi-generational households and public transportation, or between lovers, caregivers and the vulnerable? What are we not seeing when it comes to keeping social distance? What can photographic writing show us?

The JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship seeks to promote new works of photographic writing of social responsibility, activism and ethical investigation by African writers practising in Africa.

Writers of winning submissions will be announced on the 01 March 2021. The selected fellow will be paired with the recipient of the JUST PHOTO photography contest, along with a writing mentor to collaborate on a project that combines photography and writing in innovative ways. The winning submission will be published and exhibited online along with the JUST PHOTO Contest photography recipient on https://photoformafrica.com/, a digital space for African visual cultures established by the Market Photo Workshop.

Submission Procedure

  • Submit a published piece of writing of minimum 1000 words. There is no time limit for when the writing was published.
  • Submit a brief description between 850-1500 words on the ways that different forms writing can support, augment, and position photography as a medium of communication for social change.
  • Submit a 1 page CV or resume that includes the contact information of up to three persons recommended as a writing mentor for the duration of fellowship.


Deadline and Selection Process

Submissions close on Friday, 19 February 2021, midnight.
Submit your applications to justphoto@marketphotoworkshop.co.za
Email Subject titled “JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship Application 2021”
All queries must be submitted by email at justphoto@marketphotoworkshop.co.za