Employee of the Month

We are pleased to announce Zegugu Ngemntu as employee of the month September 2019.

Zegugu Buthelezi is our short course assistance for Intermediate Course in Photography; she started working for Market Photo Workshop early this year, 2019. Zegugu has been very exceptional in how she conducts herself and executes her duties. She is very supportive towards students and trainers.

The most exceptional support she offered was her assistance to Pamela Tulizo from Democratic Republic of Congo. Pamela had challenges learning in English and Gugu for the entire duration of the course was sitting in class next to Pamela explaining in simple plain English what is been taught. She would also send her briefs and class notes as a word document so that she can convert them into French. She additionally volunteered to take Pamela visit Sharpeville. Her dedication and commitment is really encouraging and exemplary.


The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation.