Reframing Africa: Future Archives is hosted by the Wits School of Arts, the History

Workshop at Wits University, the Market Photo Workshop and the Windybrow Theatre.

We invite submissions from scholars across the Humanities and practitioners for the third workshop in the series on African Cinema to be held between the 18th  and 20th  of October

2019 at the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg.

We have been exploring the archive of African cinema and have recognised the fragility of the archive and the potentially disastrous consequences of its loss. The archive offers invaluable resources for today’s filmmakers, artists and intellectuals. This year we intend to continue to examine our role and responsibilities in relationship to the cinematic archive, and to broaden our concept of the archive to include images made in other disciplines, for example photography and anthropology.

We are calling for submissions that explore the role of filmmakers, photographers, multi- media artists and cultural archivists in interpreting the past for the rethinking of our collective present and, or returning to the formation of the archive in the present to map-out the future.

We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary, transmedial, transnational and institutional approaches that explore, interrogate and declare our role as the makers and custodians of archives for the future. We also welcome presentations on the technical aspects of conservation and archiving of film.

Presentations may take the form of papers, excerpts from film/s with reflections, a performance lecture, talks on the personal archive or strategies for working with archival materials.

Presentations may be no longer than 20 minutes. Please email a short outline / abstract (300 words). You may include images, web-links. Please include a biography of no more than 80 words. We will let you know whether or not your presentation has been selected as soon as possible.

We can confirm the participation of:

Reece Auguiste – Professor, University of Colorado Boulder, USA. Multi-award winning filmmaker, writer and founder member of the seminal Black Audio Film Collective.

Aboubakar Sanogo – Professor, Carleton University, Canada. Leading scholar on cinema, Africa and colonialism. Actively involved in the preservation of African cinema classics.

Please email outlines/abstracts to and by 12th September.

If you are interested in attending the workshop please email Cynthia Kros and Pervaiz Khan as above. There is no registration fee.