Weekend Class:
Introduction to Photography

The Market Photo Workshop is rolling out weekend classes in photography. The first class begins in March. Our first weekend class is Introduction to Photography and will take place from Saturday 24th – Sunday 25 March 2018.

This weekend class targets beginners or enthusiasts who want to learn basic introductory techniques in photography. Participants are introduced to the skills and tools that you will need to explore the world of digital photography.

This class is run in partnership with Market Photo Workshop alumnus and photography trainer, Antony Kaminju.

By the end of the class the student will:
– Be familiar and conversant with a digital camera.
– Be familiar with technical language associated with photography in this digital age.
– Learn different picture-making possibilities.
– Learn how to be conscious of lighting, depth and distance.

Class content:
– Introduction to different kinds of cameras.
– Camera Accessories
– How to frame
– Viewpoints i.e. foreground, background
– Light and Exposure
– Using light
– Using flash
– People Shots –Techniques in Portrait Photography
– Landscapes
– Interiors
– Close ups

Cost for the Weekend Class: R 2000
Venue: Market Photo Workshop

For more information contact Antony Kaminju at:

Tel: 076 3179249