EYEdentity Photo Competition Call for Submissions

Submit 3 photographs, which investigates your individual notion of identity in South Africa and stand a chance to win R6,000 cash and have your photographs displayed at the offices of the Tierney Family Foundation in New York.

The Market Photo Workshop in partnership with the Tierney Family Foundation is hosting a photography competition. Applicants should explore and investigate, through 3 photographs, their personal notion of identity in South Africa.

Identity unfolds and transforms between a subject and an object and in relation and dialogue with the change of time and space. Therefore revealing how things are same and different at once. The act of framing creates space for identification with the subject. It is there, between the photographer and the subject where identity is susceptible to reveal itself. Thus with the concept of EYEdentity we are looking at photographers to consider the role of the EYE in relation to identity. This interaction begins the dialogue between our individual interactions with the reality around us in both the current and projected socio political climate in South Africa.

The only prize for the competition is R6,000 and displaying the winner’s photographs at the offices of the Tierney Family Foundation New York. The other submissions will be exhibited on the Photo Workshop Instagram.

Application Procedure
Applicants must submit the following:

  • Applicants must be alumni who have studied at the Market Photo Workshop
  • 3 photographs and less than 1-page description of the photographs. (Jpeg files, each photograph must not be more that 3MB). The winner will be asked to submit high res photographs.
  • A relevant CV

Selection of a candidate –

  • Market Photo Workshop will appoint the shortlisting panel.
  • The Tierney Family Foundation will select the winning images.
  • The winner will be announced in March 2016


Submissions close on Monday 29 February 2016 at 12h00 with final announcement soon after.

All applications must be submitted by email to Flurina Casty flurinac@marketphotoworkshop.co.zaand copied to bekien@marketphotoworkshop.co.za.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Flurina Casty on +27 11 834 1444 with any queries.