A masterclass facilitated by Cedric Nunn as part of Joburg-Photo-Harare

The Joburg-Photo-Harare is an exchange programme between the Market Photo Workshop and GWANZA that focuses on professional development in photography, situated in contemporary visual arts practice. The exchange programme consists of a three-phase masterclass programme implemented over a two-year period, from 2012 to 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Harare, Zimbabwe, with both partner organisations acting as hosts. The masterclass programme consists of three masterclasses in which 16 photographers were selected, from both South Africa and Zimbabwe. In addition to the selected photographers, Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme students from the Market Photo Workshop and photography students in Harare will sit in on the sessions as listeners in order to improve their skills and experience as a participating audience. The aim of the Joburg-Photo-Harare masterclass programme is to:

• Create a platform for photographers from the region to discuss issues that affect their practice
• Debate the various forms of photographic practice and their relevance to context-based realities
• Provide travel and networking opportunities for young practitioners
• Create skills transfer opportunities between established and younger photographers
• Place photographic content within its larger social reality
• Strengthen the relationship between Market Photo Workshop and GWANZA

Twelve photographers were selected from Zimbabwe and South Africa to take part in the masterclass:

South Africa                                                            

Dahlia Maubane
Jerry O Gaegane
Lebohang Kganye
Madoda Mkhobeni
Mamaki Rakotsoana
Romean Tiffin


Annie Mpalume
Arron Ufumeli
Believe Nyakudjara
Desmond Z. Kwande
Lucky Tshuma
Philimon Bulawayo
Tawanda Mudimu

The first phase of the Joburg-Photo-Harare Masterclass was held in Johannesburg and was hosted by the Market Photo Workshop at Museum Africa, Newtown from 11-18 April 2012.

The second phase was in Harare during the GWANZA Month of Photography, from 8-15 August 2012. The third phase will take the format of a curatorial training programme in Johannesburg in March 2013.

For more information on GWANZA and the GWANZA Month of Photography, please click here.