World Cup Photo Diary

The images that come out of the 2010 World Cup have the potential to alter how South Africa is both seen and understood by the international community. The World Cup Rural and Urban Photo Diary, an initiative of the Market Photo Workshop, aims to reveal marginal narratives within the greater national event of the World Cup, to be hosted in South Africa for the first time this June.

Contributing photographers will aim to cast light on personal, political, social and conceptual developments across the country, exploring the different ways in which individuals and communities — in both rural and urban areas — interpret this historic moment as it impacts the larger context of our national memory and identity.

The work created under the umbrella of the project will investigate the ordinary and mundane spaces that exist in isolation from those that generally appear in the media coverage of major sports events.

The team of photographers, made up mostly of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students and Market Photo Workshop alumni, will be deployed across the country. Coming from different parts of Southern and East Africa, from different backgrounds, with diverse skills, the photographers will bring with them their own ways of seeing. They will be providing a unique body of work on display at the Market Photo Workshop Gallery in Newtown.

The project will also be presented digitally on a newly-developed webpage to be launched on the Market Photo Workshop website.
The Photo Diary will run from mid-June to mid-July 2010.