Analogue Course


The BW1 Analogue course is a 6-week part-time introductory course aimed at getting you on the road to becoming skilled in the art of black and white analogue photographing, processing, and printing. After having completed this course you will be able to photograph and process photographic analogue images.

Duration: 6 weeks

Tues: 6pm – 8pm
Thurs:  6pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm
Start Date:  02 April 2016
Cost: R4500


The outcomes for the course define precisely what you should be able to do by the end of the course. We seek to measure your learning on the course through tasks that are practical and applied.

Practical Technical Skills

  • Take photographs in available and artificial light using analogue camera
  • Expose and process black and white photographs
  • Perform basic retouching, dodging and burning in analogue format
  • Apply and be able to discuss fundamental technical concepts to shooting, exposing and processing photographic imagery (aperture, shutter, ISO, light, focus, definition, contrast, depth of field, tonality, grain)


The Market Photo Workshop employs a comprehensive approach to assessment that is focused on ensuring that you, the learner, are able to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be a photographer. Each session that we have planned (outlined below) involves learning something new, and through observation and demonstration, the MPW trainers and co-ordinators are able to support you in ensuring that you achieve these results for each session.  Each week there is also an ‘Assessment Focus’  (Crit) session that concentrates on ensuring that you have grasped all the various conceptual, technical and practical skills that you have been exposed to in that week.


Each week is structured around a range of sessions that involve both intensive contact time with the trainer, as well as for students to have the opportunity to work independently, shooting and processing photographs.  Each session with the trainer involves an exciting and stimulating mixture of delivery methods aimed at ensuring that you emerge from the course able to confidently and independently apply the skills and knowledge that you have acquired:

  • Presentation/teaching
  • Demonstration
  • Doing/Applying
  • Reflecting/Evaluating/Assessing

Equipment and Resources

The Market Photo Workshop provides the use of cameras and equipment during your course. Equipment can only be rented between these times: Monday to Friday: 8:45 to 9:00am, 12:45am to 1:15pm, and 4:00 to 4:15pm.

  • You will have to pay a R350 deposit to rent a camera. If you damage or lose the camera the Market Photo Workshop will keep your deposit, and you will have to pay another R500 deposit (please see the Camera Rental Policy for more information).
  • Please make sure that you know the other policies and procedures of the Market Photo Workshop (for example, payment policy, assessment policy, policy and procedures for working in the Darkroom)


The assignments for the duration of the course are as follows:
Assignment 1: Pinhole camera assignment
Assignment 2: Hard light and soft light portraits